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Here you will find everything you need to join in with the first Steel&Stitch Remakealong. Starting on 28 January 2024, this project is designed to bring new life to old clothes and share remaking techniques with Instagram crafters.


To join in you will need to find:

- A sweater or t-shirt

- Scissors

- 5 x coloured fabric scraps

- Embroidery thread

- Embroidery needle

- Heat&Bond/Iron on adhesive

Below are all the pdf's you will need to join in (to be printed out at A4), they include:

- Reference guide for placing your pieces

- Printable template for Iron on Adhesive

- Multiple size templates for the cat outline

And if you don't want to make a cat but would still like to join in that would be lovely! Perhaps you just want to cover up a logo on an old top or patch a hole with something pretty. Over the next 2-3 weeks on Instagram we will be exploring fabric collage and embroidery stitching with How To's and Live ReMakeAlongs every Sunday.

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