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Emma Friedlander-Collins, Multi-Disciplinary Maker

Emma is a designer-maker, researching ways that content creation as creative practise, can inform and encourage sustainable living through craft.

Does remaking content create remaking action? As an Instagram content creator and author of zero waste crochet and craft books I want to find out how much the accounts we follow on social media, really affect our actions. 

With economic models such as ‘fast fashion’ that rely on micro trends (fashion trends that rely on social media influencers that can change within a week) introducing twice as many garments in the early 21st century than in the previous decade (Radonic, 2022), there are now more garments than ever that have become culturally redundant. They are social outcasts, no longer ‘fitting in’, being dumped in charity shops or landfill.

Remaking is an act that can rehabilitate them and make them functioning members of society again,  encouraging sustain-ability that comes from knowing how to interact with the materials in our lives. If we were to refamiliarise ourselves with not only the materials in our lives, but how to interact with them by repairing, recycling and remaking them in our own homes, owning our own modes of re-production, we could (re)develop our material literacy.

Social media is a potential space for this, and treating content creation as a legitimate creative and design practise, can afford us new ways to communicate about it. 

This website is part of my current PhD, sharing ways of using making as thinking and research.

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